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By owner, Di Tran


We offer several natural manicure services, including both basic nail services and spa treatments.


Of course, for many, no manicure is complete without a pedicure.

Other Services

Some of our most popular services include artificial nails, and we have every type available.

US Nails, your friendly local professional nail services

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US Nails & Spa on Frankfort Ave

Our brand new US Nails & Spa Salon on Frankfort Avenue and N Galt Avenue is equipped with luxury salon spa chairs and the most high end polishes and nail enhancement...

US Nails on 3rd St

Located on 3rd St and Kingston Ave. We provide the most elegant, stylish and affordable nails services to the local area of Iroquois...

US Nails on 7th St

Located on 7th St Road across to Southland Manor. We serve the Dixie highway and 7th street customer. You are free to style your nail here with us for free. Affordable yet stylish and personal nails are our theme...

USA Nails on Market St

Located on Market St and 23 St across Pic Pac Market. We mainly serve the local customer we live around the West of Market St. We are expert in Nails Arts as we’ve been doing this for more than 12 years. Make your own nails with us at our...

USA Nails on Broadway

Located on Broadway and 22nd st. Ask about Mrs. Mary at USA Nails around the West end and understand how skillful she is with her nail design. We’ve been here for more than 10 years, and it’s part of our home. You customize the nails you like, with lengthy or shot, colorful or simple, and thick or thin nails in the way you like here with no extra charge. Affordable nail is our number one goal, though that come along with stylish and lasting...

Welcome to US Nails

Louisville’s World-Renowned Nail Salon Located in many location throughout Louisville of Kentucky, US Nails has become an industry leader in nail services. Our company was founded on the idea of delivering only the finest nail and spa services to clients all over the Kentucky area, and we’re pleased to offer affordable, customizable nail services from our trained professionals.   We’re pleased to offer these very same services to anyone in or near Louisville that is looking to enhance their nails. We offer all of the leading services, including: •...

Our Services

Nails are at the heart of cleanliness and elegance. Attractive nails create an amazing first impression, enhance any outfit, and draw the attention of those around you. Each individual nail has the potential to make an impact, which is why all of them need to be treated with care.   At US Nails, we’re proud to offer a variety of nail and spa services for women, men, and children. We want to create the nails that bring out your individuality, while also offering relaxing spa services to make your...